My family.

I love my family so much.They are always there for me no matter what. They are so funny, especially the younger kids.Summer at 2 years old loves learning .She will sit on the leappad tracing her letters.

      Summer playing on leappad.

They love the leappads.

      We have a lot of fun together.Before 1 we get to have playtime on our electronics.


      Even 8 month old Kenzie enjoys it.


Everybody has a blast.
      We love our electronics.We play on them all the time it is so fun.The kids will run around the dining room.they like having fun around the house.We play games like hide and seek, tag, monster under the bed, etc.

     What’s your family like?


Our daily chores.

We have chores to do everyday. We also do them at different times.
  Devin- classroom
  Dillon -dining room
Arianna (me)-kitchen and bathroom both are tiny and I do them at different times.
   Caollin-floater when people have dishes she does their chore.
London-she does the living room.
   Bailey -hallway.
    Luke -takes wash downstairs.

      Ireland and Summer don’t have anything to do.

These are our dishes days we do them twice a day.
     Devin-  Sun,  Wed, Friday.
     Dillon -Mon, Thur, Sat.
        Me -Mon, Tues, Friday
    Caollin -Sun,Wed, Sat.
    London -Tues, Thur.
This is our chore list it may look like a lot but it only takes us about 15 minutes each time.
  We have chores 9 am 2 pm and 6pm.

        What are your chores?


Normal weekday.

We are unschoolers Everyday we do something different.Everyday is a different adventure.My mom is sometimes nervous that we wont learn because all we ever do is play on our phones or tablets.My moms blog is  There’s No Place Like Home . She has a very nice blog it explains more stuff about our days and everything. We have ups and massive Downs.sometimes we wont do anything except play on electronics. So she made 1 to 4 “media


“.We do science experiments during that time math, art, geography, anything except electronics

This is Summer 2 years old playing with train tracks.
     We have a lot of fun without our electronics.The little kids from 2nd grade down can play on leappad learning tablets.We can only go on our electronics if we are writing a post or watching makeup tutorials (me).That is another thing about me I LOVE makeup. There are many things about me and my family.

    Kenzie 8 months has a blast in her saucer.
        I love my family, they are the best!

Me and my little sister Ireland.


Introduction :)

Hello, my name is Arianna. I am in 6th grade.I am the 4th child out of 11.I am a Christian. My mom unschools most of us.She has A LOT of patient. She is the best mom in the world.My dad is also really cool. He likes to skateboard and work on electronics.He is a welder.I have a lot of brothers and sisters. There is Brendan 20,Devin 14,Dillon 13, Arianna (me) 12,Caollin 9,London 8,Bailey 6,Luke 5,Ireland 4,Summer 2,Kenzie 8 months old. This is my family and I love them. 🙂