Normal weekday.

We are unschoolers Everyday we do something different.Everyday is a different adventure.My mom is sometimes nervous that we wont learn because all we ever do is play on our phones or tablets.My moms blog is  There’s No Place Like Home . She has a very nice blog it explains more stuff about our days and everything. We have ups and massive Downs.sometimes we wont do anything except play on electronics. So she made 1 to 4 “media


“.We do science experiments during that time math, art, geography, anything except electronics

This is Summer 2 years old playing with train tracks.
     We have a lot of fun without our electronics.The little kids from 2nd grade down can play on leappad learning tablets.We can only go on our electronics if we are writing a post or watching makeup tutorials (me).That is another thing about me I LOVE makeup. There are many things about me and my family.

    Kenzie 8 months has a blast in her saucer.
        I love my family, they are the best!

Me and my little sister Ireland.


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